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Industria products
Active Splitter

Electronic switch suitable to connect redundant communication ports with single channel communication devices. 

Many SCADA systems are equipped with redundant communication lines, but are connected to the controlled field trough single communication channels

Active Splitter implements a virtual "Y" connection, so only one port at a time is connectet to the end point. The other port remains in hot-standby mode.

Both EIA RS-232 and Ethernet TCP/IP communication media (with the optional network controller) are supported.

Active Splitter is equipped with four "full-signals" EIA RS-232 ports. One port is dedicated for the configuration of the device.

Active Splitter is "protocol indipendent". Whan acting as an RS-232 splitter the RTS/CTS signals are automatically routed (Either in a single or both directions).

The communication ports can be configured as DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) or DCE (Data Communication Equipment), so you don't care of the wiring of serial cables!

Active Splitter SDK

The same hardware platform used by Active Splitter can be provided without any software on board in order to develop your own personal applications.

Built-in microcontroller (AtMega2560) can be simply programmed via Arduino IDE.

The ICSP connector let's you to connect to the microcontroller using advanced programming and debugging tools as Atmel Studio.

Active Splitter SDK is the right choice to develop:

- Protocol converters

- Micro RTUs

- Custom data communication switches

- Serial Device Servers

Active Splitter SDK is available either in "naked" version or with the DIN rail, 22.5mm ABS enclosure.

Powersafe Industrial IDC (Ideal Diode Controller)

Many mission-critical applications requires a redundant power supply unit in order to increase availability of the system.

It is a common practice to connect power buses together via silicon diodes.

Powersafe Industrial IDC acts as a power silicon diode without any power loss, thanks to the very low voltage dropout.

Power dissipation is reduced by 80% versus silicon diodes.

The system status and the current flow are continuously supervised, offering the to SCADA system to know the health status of the module.

Quick DIN rail installation.

Hot swapping capable.





Ridondanza alimentazione per quadri industriali
Active Sync GPS

Most of industrial automation application needs a common time reference.

In most of industrial and automation applications, I/O data acquisition is perfomed by different devices, each of which owns a different electronic clock.

Electronic real time clocks are naturally subject to a time drift, so each of them needs a precise time reference.

Active Sync GPS is an ultra-compact and cheaper time server.

Date and time can be delivered to I/O acquisition devices by means of NTP protocol, "Data Time String" or IRIGB.

IRIGB source is available as TTL and RS485 levels.  

Active Sync Run Time Clock is equipped with a lithium back up battery, capable of mantaining date and time up to 240 days.

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