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Powersafe Twin Advanced
Ridondanza e telemetria frsky

The complete redundacy power supply solution.

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Autodiagnostic functions

  • Battery discharge alarms, based on voltages or energy

  • FrSky smart port telemetry

  • Acoustic and optical alarms

  • Voltage 2-8S LiPo cells

  • 100A maximum current

Dimensions 72x41x24 mm (without case) 80x59x26 mm (with case)




Powersafe Twin
Sistema per l'alimentazione degli APR e UAV

"Standard" version of our battery redundancy system.

  • Suitable for medium size UAVs.

  • 100A maximum current

  • Voltage 2-6S LiPo cells

Dimensions 62x28x12 mm

Powersafe Twin Mini
Sistema di ridondanza droni 300 grammi trecentini

The smaller active battery redundant system. Suitable for small UAVs.

Available in "naked" version also to simplify installation and positioning in very little UAVs

  • 20A max current

  • Voltage 2-6S LiPo cells

Dimensions 26x14x5 mm

Sistema per il volo notturno droni apr
led di potenza power led

Microprocessor controlled navigation lights unit. 

Four indipendent power led switching drivers.

The system can be controlled through a PWM R/C channel.


Red, green and white power led modules. Compatible with Lightmanager and Powersafe Twin ADV:

Red 28 lumen

Green 60 lumen

White 102 lumen

Visible from long distances with only 150mA


Power Led switching power supply. Jumper adjustable current rate up to 200mA

  • The right lighting choice for your arduino projects.

  • PWM dimmable.

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